PREMIERE: Young Giantz ft. Mz. Ink Bomb “Western Expedition” Video

A quarter century ago, the Penthouse Players Clique dropped their debut album, Paid The Cost. on Eazy-E’s Ruthless imprint distributed via Priority Records. PPC was a South Central L.A. rap duo consisting of Tweed Cadillac and Wilbert Bryan “Playa Hamm” Milo. Playa Hamm’s sons Deuce Mac and Bigg Joe West are all grown up now and they’ve formed a rap duo of their own called Young Giantz. Their recently released 2000 Ninetiez EP offers a fresh take on ’90s G Funk.
Today MASS APPEAL proudly premieres the video for “Western Expedition,” the third track on the project, an homage to “Fonky Expedition (Something To Ride To)” by Oakland’s Conscious Daughters, another much slept-on Cali rap duo. “Fonky Expedition is a classic!” the Giantz told MASS APPEAL. “Much respect to Conscious Daughters and Rest in peace to MC Special One. When Jelly Roll played us this beat, it instantly made us throw up WESTSIDE! So that’s exactly what we did lyrically. We named the song ‘Western Expedition’ as a tribute.” Peep the visuals below and then check out our interview with the brothers.

What was it like growing up in South Central with a well-known rapper as your father?

We remember always being very excited every time Pops pulled up on the Block. We definitely had a lot of fun!

Did you two start rapping at the same time? What were your first sessions like?

Deuce Mac: My first time rapping ever was at 4 years young. Joey was only 1 years young at the time so we definitely didn’t start at the same time.

Bigg Joe West: The first time I was in the booth, I actually rapped a verse my bro wrote. [LOL] Our first session together impressed our Pops, so that was dope!

Your music is reminiscent of ’90s G Funk. What led to the decision to make that the foundation of your sound?

We’re from the West Coast so Being West Coast is something we organically embody. We couldn’t shake it if we tried! As far as the G Funk goes, we grew up listening to it every day. We walked outside seeing exactly what Death Row, Westside Connection, Above the Law, and Penthouse Players Clique was talking about. Imagine growing up with DJ Quik making music in the living room. Good music period is the Foundation of our sound.

How did you link up with Battlecat?

Battlecat is a relationship that came through from our father. Pops and Battlecat have been friends since the ’80s. As we continued to take the music seriously, Cat eventually took a liking to what we were doing and blessed us. It wasn’t easy, we definitely had to earn a Battlecat beat!

You worked with TDE’s Dae One a lot on the EP, what made you choose to bring him in?

Working with Dae One was one of the greatest choices we’ve ever made.  Not only is he a talented producer but he’s passionate, respects music and believes in us. That’s our brother from another mother. Shout out to Dae One!

This is EP comes 25 years after your Dad, Playa Hamm released Paid the Cost with Ruthless/Priority Records. What brought you guys back to Priority for this EP

The best way to describe dropping an EP with the same label our father was signed to is… God!  That’s the universe at work.  Fuzzy was the one who saw Mike Epps repost a video of our single “Fly High” and immediately reached out to us. And the rest is history. Shout out to Fuzzy!  Love ya bro!

From your perspective what’s the culture of South Central right now, and how do you plan to influence it.

South Central is where it all started for us.  It’s a beautiful city and of course, there’s always room for improvement. We are very proud to be from South Central. We would like to show the children from there that they have the potential to be whatever it is that they want to be and be proud of who they are.  We plan on being a positive influence and inspiration to the people of our city but also every kid that’s watching us.  #LoveLove


  1. Intro (prod. Noni Antonio)
  2. I Am South Central (prod. Aceman, Dae One, E-A-Ski & 1500 Or Nothin)
  3. Western Expedition ft. Mz Ink Bomb (prod. Jelly Roll)
  4. Gangsta Luv (prod. Jelly Roll)
  5. We Liive ft. Humble Jones (prod. Jelly Roll)
  6. Let’s Get Rich (prod. Dae One)
  7. Truth Came Out (prod. Jelly Roll)
  8. Wit U ft. Jelly Roll (prod. Jelly Roll)
  9. Quit Cryin (prod. Dae One)
  10. Share Dat ft. Jelly Roll (prod. Jelly Roll)
  11. Fun ft. Andre Wilson (prod. Aceman)
  12. Welcome 2 The Westcoast ft. E-A-Ski & TQ (prod. The Almighty E-A-Ski)
  13. Pain ft. Danny Atoms & Chevy Jones (prod. Dae One)



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