Everything’s Up For Interpretation in Vince Staples’ Video for “Rain Come Down”

Vince Staples sophomore album, Big Fish Theory, is out today, and he’s also unveiled the new music video for the track, “Rain Come Down,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

It’s is the next chapter in the story that began in Staples’ last video, with the MC sitting next to his once sinking boat that’s now washed ashore. But this time he has Ty Dolla $ign, who takes care of hook. and a Sprite bottle to keep him company. Spinning the bottle (an avowed fan of the product, the soda company made the video and had him star in a new legitimately funny commercial), Staples eventually finds him himself in a depressing diner. The rain keeps coming, but things aren’t as they appear. At the video’s end, it’s revealed that Staples’ world is truly a miniature one, existing inside a small drinking class along with a fish.

The symbolism in this video is up for interpretation, which is all part of the essence of the album. As Staples explained to Daily Show host Trevor Noah recently, “One thing I look at music as is something that’s digestible for the people that want to partake in it…I don’t ever want to tell people what it’s about, it’s whatever it means to them. That’s up to the listener to decide, and it’s on them to figure that out.”

Watch “Rain Come Down” above.

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