PREMIERE: Vader The Villin “Stone” Video

“Posted up, posted up, floating off,” sings Vader the Villin on “Stone,” a song he uploaded to his SoundCloud two months ago. “Never find the time for us to keep in touch.”

A painter and music maker, Vader hails from Burlington, Vermont, which is better known for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream than its music scene. Vader now makes his home in Brooklyn while spending parts of the year in France and Mexico. But Burlington’s a great place to get away when you want to be alone.

Produced by Jacob Lethal, “Stone” details the after-effects of OT hookups and one-night stands ,as well as the pressures, alienation and discontents of modern life. “Load it up and put the chrome to the beat,” he sings. “Zoned out looking for a moment of peace.”

“This song is based on the realization that it’s okay to want to be alone,” says the artist, whose musical tastes range from Big L to John Mayer, and whose own sound conveys the vaguely malevolent vibe of  the Weeknd’s mixtape work. He says “Stone” was “inspired by the events wrapped around repeatedly visiting a small hometown, and the various relationships that inevitably don’t mean anything.” Peep the appropriately chilly visuals, shot by The Main Idea in Vader’s home town, up top.

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