Trump Tower

Shutting Down Trump Tower, Bombing Afghanistan, Rotting Fish at Mar-A-Lago

Welcome to The Daily Blunt, where we recap all that other stuff that happened in the super fast-forward news cycle in which we all exist. We use this space to roll up all of today’s news that we weren’t able to cover in full—but that’s potent enough for you to take a quick hit.

Hed: 25 Patriots Arrested For Shutting Trump Tower The Fuck Down

  • Earlier today 25 people (patriots), were arrested for protesting after they snuck in to Trump tower posing as tourists and tour guides. They were protesting Trump’s immigration and travel ban policies. One protester told reporters, “We oppose and reject the Trump Administration’s hateful policies towards immigrants and refugees.” There’s loads of video and something to be said for that level of organization. – Fusion
  • Thousands of sexual harassments complaints have not been investigated. The complaints come from those who have been detained by ICE. – Fusion
  • Today the the U.S. dropped a GBU-43 bomb on Afghanastan. It’s being called the ‘mother of all bombs’ and just one of the 21,000-pound, GPS-guided instruments of death costs tax payers over $300 million. The target was ISIS. From the White House today Trump spoke with reporters about quickly escalating tensions with North Korea: “I don’t know if this sends a message. It doesn’t make any difference if it does or not. North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of.” North Korea is expected to test another nuclear bomb over the next few days. – Politico
  • Trump gave states greater ability to defund abortion providers. – The Washington Post
  • Protests, mostly being led by young people, against South African president Jacob Zuma have been growing. Corruption and declining economic conditions have led to extremely high unemployment rates. – QZ
  • It would make sense that Uber’s program to track Lyft drivers was called “Hell.” – The Hill
  • Mar-a-Largo, AKA “the Winter White House” also AKA “$200,000 Memberships,” was cited for 13 health code violations including some very improper meat and fish management. – The Miami Herald 
  • Phone searchers by border patrol agents have gone through roof since Trump’s presidency. – Vice News
  • The U.S. bombed Syria some more, except this time we killed 18 people who were on our side helping in the fight against ISIS. – The New York Times

The world can sometimes feel so small, so confusing, so dark, hopeless and bleak. Sometime wouldn’t be nice to escape for a little bit to something a little bit more simple and tangible?

Let’s do that. Here’s a short film called “cul-de-sac” that consists of one continuous shot by a drone.

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