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Cuz who doesn’t love free shit

F*ck wading through the internet to find what’s fresh this week, Mass Appeal went ahead and did all the work for you. Check out the ten hottest downloads that dropped in the past 7 days. From Joey Bada$$ paying tribute to Souls of Mischief on “95 to Infinity,” to Pusha T’s beast of a Kanye West produced cut “Who I Am”, featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean, dynamic duo Killer Mike & El-P futuristic new track “36” Chain” for Adult Swim’s singles series, this list is stacked. Don’t sleep.

Pusha T “Who I Am” feat. 2 Chainz and Big Sean (Produced by Kanye West and MANO)


“Who I Am” sees a trio of G.O.O.D. label talent, featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean on the track. Pusha’s rugged flows contrast well with Chainz’s playful punchlines, and Big Sean spits his best “Detroit Player-esque” raps. These three spark up nostalgia reminiscent of none other than the Wu-Tang greats of Ghost, Rae, and Meth. Not to compare, but the way each artist’s content compliments the other’s is hard to come by now a days.

The Mano and Yeezy produced track samples ESG’s “UFO,” a very popular track to loop, saying the least. Pusha joins the extensive list of rappers to bless this sample on a track,  the ranks of Big L, Raekwon, MF Doom, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, and N.W.A, to name a few.

They said be all you can be? Do you Pusha, cause it’s working!

Rockie Fresh f. Wiz Khalifa “Kush Do” (Prod. by LPeezy and Cam)


Hazy green dreams making me reminisce about the days we used to sit around and kiss. Ok, that was cheesy. But sometimes that’s just what happens when you smoke a little too much of the good stuff.

Sexy ladies’ sultry coos are weaved through Maybach Music rising rap star Rockie Fresh’s slurry lyrics thinking about that special lady no matter what he’s doing. Rap music heavy hitter Wiz Khalifa drops a few choice cuts in a sing-songy furry of lines like “I’ma hit it like a habit, turn you over and grab”. With sexed up lyrics like that, track could easily be mistaken for something on one of The Weeknd’s mixtapes. But the real action comes from the track’s catchy ass chorus “I don’t know what this kush do, but I think of you when I get high”.

G-Eazy “I Don’t Believe You” (feat. Team Robot)


Introducing G-Eazy’s latest paddle out into the deep end, the premiere of his new track “I Don’t Believe You” produced by himself and featuring Team Robot. The synth and bass-heavy raver’s anthem proudly proclaims the homie’s lock on the drugs, the scene, the ladies, and the throne. Anybody saying otherwise is lying and his crew doesn’t believe you!

Joey Bada$$ – 95 Til Infinity (Prod. Lee Bannon)


Pro Era’s own Joey Badass drops a new song off his upcoming project, Summer Knights. The new track “95 Til Infinity,” a tittle play off the Souls of Mischief classic “93 Til Infinity,” is the second single off the Summer Knights EP. The project was originally set to drop June 12th, but the MC states that Cinematic Music Group decided to push the release date back to July 1st. According to Twitter, Joey also has a new track with Freddie Gibbs on the way.

Killer Mike & El-P “36” Chain”


Spaced out frothy beats explode in the form of swirls and pops, as pitched down, snippets of Mike’s husky drawls burn the words “Run The Jewels” into your memory. And that’s just the opening.

There’s a throwback quality ‘Kick out the jams’ loops on delay, anthem feel to ‘36” Chain’, that I’d be lying if I said wasn’t overwhelming on first listen. Making sense of what feels like a series of erratic explosions too close together, Killer Mike drops a flurry of quick-witted lines amidst an ethereal flowiness– a staple of El-P’s production style, layered beneath bouts of bursting digital effects that when all is said and done, 36” Chains illicit a futuristic feel that melt through what were once your speakers.

Refined “Marcy Projects Basement Jam”


Brooklyn-based producers “The Stuyvesants” bring about black elegance with their latest project, Refined. The duo, made up of producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt) attribute their sultry sound to the 70′s era, which in fact inspired the 25-track compilation.

“Marcy Projects Basement Jam” The title itself warrants an eyebrow raise of curiosity. Even if you’ve never been in a 20-foot radius of a ”Marcy Projects Basement Jam”, if you close your eyes you can almost imagine a young Hov trying to get his mack on with shawty from apt 3D.

Freddie Gibbs “Freddie Soprano” Prod. by ID Labs


We here at Mass Appeal already had the opportunity to listen to how insane Freddie Gibbs‘ new album ESGN is, but we don’t want to keep all this good music to ourselves! Freddie Gibbs just dropped a new track off the album, releasing July 6th, entitled “Freddie Soprano.”

Gibbs raps, “I’m straight for life / All I gotta do is stay black and die.”

Nire “Call Back”


“Call Back” is the first single from the upcoming debut album by New York Producer, NiRE. Since graduating from the Melbourne session of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2006, NiRE has spent much of her time toiling as a DJ in the city – playing to pumped up crowds at parties like Santos, BPM, Full Service and Le Bain – while working on her own music. Her progressive blend of seemingly opposing music genres informs a unique hybrid sound and the statuesque beauty has garnered much attention from industry heads and underground scenesters in the city.

Abgohard “Plenty”


ICK representer Abgohard just dropped a brand new track, entitled “Plenty,” that deserves a spot on your weekend “ratchet hour” playlist (we know you have one). It’s admittedly ignorant as f***, so much so that you’ll forget to be offended and commence the official #turnup dance.

“Plenty” starts off some sitar-like synth, before breaking down into the 808 booms and baps the kids are so fond of these days, myself included. I don’t want to spoil the hook of the track for you, so hit play below and find out what Abgohard has “Plenty” of.

Asher Roth “Numbers”


It’s been a while since we heard from Asher Roth, but he’s back on the scene with his latest freestyle off Pusha-T”s “Numbers on the Board”. Roth’s new track, entitled ”Numbers” is off his latest project, Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2. This time around, Roth wants to talk about “orgies and forgery.” Let’s hear him out.

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