Bun B at the Texas Rodeo with Jason Goldwatch

“Time Pieces” by Jason Goldwatch: Bun B in Texas

I’ve never heard a black man say “dude” and mean it more than Bun B. A gangster assimilation of street thug, poet and cowboy. I met Bun B whipping across the country in a haze of brazen glory on the Gumball 3000 cross-country race. We have since become dudebros, occasionally finding ourselves in the same city. We drink, smoke, laugh, tell stories, take pictures and always talk about working, but never really do.

One night in New York, Bun and I were talking about creating a Time Piece together. He started describing how country he is, and how amazing the rodeo is in Texas. Bun is a grand wizard dudebro, the official mayor of what ever city he’s in, and always open and accommodating, almost to a fault. He is constantly approached for photos and autographs, and a handful of other strange (sometimes awkward) interruptions, and while exploring the idea of a Rodeo Time Piece this came up. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere with him, especially in his home town of Houston, TX. Unless…

It came together with a thump. Like two children making up a lie to their folks, we riffed and built off each other’s ideas. It was like an improv game, and over Lobster and Wax dabs we settled into the idea of hitting the Texas Rodeo dressed like cowboys. For months our schedules conflicted, and a few times Bun and I passed each other in the air, he in NY when I was in Texas and visa versa…

This went on for months until finally, after SXSW, Bun drove us down to Houston from Austin and so it was, Bun B at the Texas State Rodeo, in color.

True story.

Bun B in Texas with Jason Goldwatch for Time Pieces

Bun B at the Texas Rodeo riding in a tea cup for Jason Goldwatch Time Pieces series

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