Turkey Skateboarding Illustration

3 Of Our Favorite Thanksgiving Weekend Skate Videos

Alright, the family turkey dance is done, there’re left-overs and you’re off of work or school, or whatever bullshit responsibilities you deal with on a regular. Whatever shall you do? You warm up that grub, you light up that medicinal incense and you watch some fucking good skate videos that’ll hopefully inspire you to go out and get some your damn self this weekend! Yes.

Here are 3 of our favorite internet skate clips from the week. Consider them loosies for a magical post-turkey bust down.

Danny Brady for Palace

Those damn Brits. Straight up doing the damn thing with weird deep house/italo disco edit soundtracks and blokes like Danny Brady ripping! This clip’s four minutes of VHS-treated (or actual) goodness. Nothing too big, nothing hype, just smooth, flowy street skating for dat azz!

David Gonzalez’s Brib

Dude’s Colombian, plays metal, and has his own backyard ramp. What the fuck is there not to hail about David “there’s-no-seats-here-only-just guitars-drums-and-skateboards” Gonzalez? This week Independent Trucks went over to the rider’s pad to film their latest episode of “@ Home.” Watch it and ask yourself why you’re not living this guy’s life right now?

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Want to see a motley crew of New York City pups and locals that skated the shit out of the streets, got their act together tight enough to make an awesome half-hour edit? Yes. Well, here’s Clipstack. It’s fun, it’s chill, it’s, at times, even innocent. The kind of young skateboarding that shapes, moldable, lurking, degenerate, scumbag lives. Bless these kids.

*Late addition

Leticia Bufoni as Pocahontas

The fuck? This video just totally blows my peanut-sized rat mind. First of all Leticia skates harder than a lot of the bro bros I’ve seen big name companies sponsoring lately. Period. Second of all, The Berrics made homegirl dress up one of American history’s most renowned Native Americans? What is this? Some liberal, pot-smoking skaters sick anti-USA joke through the form of one amazing-looking, and amazing-skating Brazilian golden child? If it is. Thank you. Thank you very much.


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