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YouTube Streams Could Start Counting Toward Album Sales

Get your clicks up
youtube-mp3 News

The RIAA Just Shut Down One of the Biggest YouTube Ripping Sites

Over a million rippers daily
rings_trailer_premier_new Film

Watch: Newest Sequel To The Ring Brings The Franchise Out Of The VHS-era

Seven Days
korry_gaines_fb_lead Crime

How Facebook Collaborates With Police to Hide Evidence From The Public

"Facebook helped Baltimore police kill #KorrynGaines in the dark"
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U.K. Vinyl Sales Beat YouTube Streaming Revenue Last Year

More records were sold in the U.K. last year than any year since 1994
RecordStore Music

Revenue From Vinyl Sales in 2015 Is Higher Than YouTube and Spotify Free Combined

The music industry is shifting from CDs and illegal downloads to streaming services and vinyl sales.
LetsGoCrazy Knowledge

Kids Dancing to Prince Sets New Precedent for Fair Use of Music

"Copyright law does not authorize thoughtless censorship of lawful speech.”
SmoothCriminal News

YouTube Volume Normalization May Help End the “Loudness War”

Volume normalization may allow record execs to call a truce in the “loudness war.”
TIDAL X: Jay-Z B-sides in NYC Music

Jay Z Disses Spotify and YouTube at Tidal B-Sides Concert in NYC

Nothing inspires Hov these days like a corporate battle.
Music-Streaming-iPhone Music

The Tech Platforms Helping Independent Musicians Make Money

These platforms tout how much they've paid out to artists, but are they the future of the music industry?
Hip Hop Streaming Music

Hip Hop/R&B Is the Most Popular Genre on Streaming Platforms

Unfortunately, streaming platforms don't really pay artists.
YouTube-Music-Key Music

YouTube Unveils “Music Key” Subscription Service

After recently inking a deal with indie labels, the video behemoth has unveiled its subscription-based music streaming service.
YouTube-streaming-services Music

YouTube and Independent Labels Agree to Licensing Deal

Let the streaming commence!
700 Labels came together to combat YouTube's strong arm against Indies Music

700 Labels Fight YouTube With “WIN”

Youtube - 1 Indie Labels - 1
Nas released the video for "Represent" from Illmatic XX Music

Premiere: Nas “Represent” Video

Straight up, Sh*t Is Real.
Youtube is dropping content from Indie Labels News

YouTube to Drop Content From Indie Labels in Licensing Case

YouTube with the ill pimp game