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YearInGraff_1920x1280 Graffiti

Looking Back At The Year in Graf

A lot went down in the world of graf this year, we revisit the highs and lows in our retrospective.
Write of Passage Students Feature Image Write of Passage

Write Of Passage’s American Graffiti Culture Recap

Check out what transpired during our six-week long inaugural graffiti intensive over at the Red Bull Studios New York.
Handselecta Flip The Script Feature Image Write of Passage

Flip The Script at Write of Passage

You don't want to miss Write of Passage 2013's last hurrah with the creator of Flip The Script, Christian Acker!
Style Wars Still Feature Image Write of Passage

Style Wars Saturday at Write of Passage

A weekend dedicated to the genesis of New York City graffiti via Style Wars and Style Wars 2.
Samantha Beau Caesar Write Of Passage Spoken Word Write of Passage

Write of Passage Presents: Words Up

"Style is what we feel is our Mass Appeal." - Samantha "Beau" Caesar
Write Of Passage Exhibit Opening Group Shot Events

Write Of Passage Opening Party Recap

Graffiti and New York City culture collide for a night of legendary proportions.
TCM vs. TMT Battle Write of Passage

TMT vs. TC5 Write of Passage Battle

TMT vs. TC5 takeover the Write Of Passage event space to battle it out on an oldschool IRT Train.
Write Of Passage Cans Write of Passage

Write Of Passage 2013

Mass Appeal and Red Bull Studios New York invite you to explore Writing culture and American Graffiti.
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About Write of Passage

Write of Passage: Exploring the history and impact of American graffiti on global culture. Curated by Mass Appeal, hosted by Red B...
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Write of Passage Programming

Write of Passage is a six-week series of educational programming, workshops, screenings, and more celebrating American graffiti's ...
wop_mare139 Write of Passage

Write of Passage Exhibit

Featuring four interactive installations and a collection of mementos, artifacts and never-before-seen original works of art, this...
wop_workshops Write of Passage

Write of Passage Workshops

Write of Passage has curated a series of lectures from some of the most notable members of the graffiti community.
wop-spraypaint-participants Write of Passage

Write of Passage Emerging Artists

12 hand-selected emerging artists from the tri-state area will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves into the entire expe...
Piece Out Mass Appeal Red Bull Write of Passage Events

First Annual “Piece Out”

Mass Appeal, Red Bull and some special invited guests will be painting an entire NYC subway car this Saturday in Kingston, New York.