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warren g dropped his debut, regulate... g funk era 23 years ago today Music

It’s Been 23 Years Since Warren G’s ‘Regulate…G Funk Era’

"All you skirts know what's up with 213."
Mike-Miller-Pink-Car-Daisy Events

Mike Miller’s ‘Love West Coast’ at DAX Gallery

The West Coast's go-to photographer captures that L.A.-all-day essence.
YG Off Tha Wall Interview Off Tha' Wall

Off Tha’ Wall – YG

YG talks his spirit animal, report cards, and more.
Scene Fans Robot Gathering Dancing Group Animated Cartoon Music Video

Premiere: DJ Muggs ft Danny Brown “Headfirst”

Check out the world premiere of DJ Muggs' brand new music video for “Headfirst” featuring Danny Brown.
lsd_prelude Music


Take a listen to Sahtyre's EP here.
durag-dynasty-360 Music

VIDEO: Durag Dynasty “360 Waves”

The trend of having luxurious waves in your hair is back like it never left, word to Raekwon. While this kid is holdin’ it down...
Problem Like What Music Video

Problem “Like Whaaat” Feat. Bad Lucc

Like Whaaat?
durag Music

AUDIO: Durag Dynasty “Sprial Event” Feat. Evidence

The 2013 award for rap group with the best name has to go to Durag Dynasty, the three man crew composed of Planet Asia, Tristate,...
ab-soul-illuminate Music

VIDEO: Ab-Soul “ILLuminate” Feat. Kendrick Lamar

We’re not sure if Ab-Soul is some type of prophet or not (though this video frames him that way) but we are sure that he’s...
taco_01 Dine Piece

Wheels of Fortune

The streets of every major city get heavy traffic from catering trucks. But cities like Oakland, with large Mexican-American commu...