Studies show old mice are smarter when exposed to THC. News

The Older You Get, the Smarter You Are When You’re Stoned

If you're a mouse, that is
Jeff Sessions News

Congress Gives Jeff Sessions $0 For Medical Weed Raids

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
NA Poe News

Philly Mayor Calls Raid Of Philly Pot Activists “Overkill”

19 arrests, 50 pounds of herb and 100 pounds of edibles seized
waka flaka flame Video

420 Space: Waka Flocka Flame

"I’ma stay with that flower."
Devin the Dude On Going to Jail for a Joint Video

420 Space: Devin The Dude

“I got out of jail not too long ago for a joint.”
weed-playlist-art Music

Stay High: 420 Smoked Out Rap Songs for 4/20

Cop Arrest News

Racial Bias in Weed Arrests Continues Despite Decriminalization

Happy 420?
Rihanna smoking weed. News

Did GQ Kill Rihanna’s Weed Delivery Service?

Sean Spicer News

Whitehouse: Hitler Didn’t Gas People

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
Wiz Khalifa News

Wiz Khalifa Went to Colombia and Smoked Weed at Pablo Escobar’s Grave

Don't think that's in the Lonely Planet guide
UPS deliveryman News

20 Pounds Of Weed Accidentally Delivered as a “Birthday Present”

I guess our invite got lost in the mail, too
mouth-swab tests weed News

Mouth-Swab Tests For High Drivers Are Becoming More Popular

San Diego swabbed St. Patty's Day partygoers at a checkpoint
Weed found in donated cooler at Monroe Goodwill News

Someone Donated a Cooler Full of Weed to Goodwill

The gift that keeps giving
hemp-oil-cbd News

Mexico City Study Shows CBD Oil Reduces Seizures For 84% Of Patients

Another reason Mexico rocks
weed News

Little Girl Snitches on Family’s Weed Empire

Trust no one
sesh News

Has Trump’s War On Weed Begun?

Jeff Sessions and the Feds Threaten the Cannabis Cup