Vulkan The Krusader

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Vulkan the Krusader on Love, Music, and His Upcoming VX-13: Do You Remember Love

We join Vulkan the Krusader in Palm Beach to talk about his upcoming release VX-13 Do You Remember Love.
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Premiere: Vulkan the Krusader “Never Coming Back”

Check out "Never Coming Back" from Vulkan The Krusader's upcoming VX13: Do You Remember Love
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Vulkan The Krusader “Robbie Darko” EP

Vulkan the Krusader gets all experimental on yo' ass with his latest EP.
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DJ Buttamilk “Majestic Fourth World”

Lose consciousness and f*** with this cinematic work of art from DJ Buttamilk!
Vulkan Music Video

Vulkan “Vizzer”

Peep "Vizzer" the new ill video from Vulkan, right here on Mass Appeal.