Who’s The Best MC? Drake

The case for the 6 God
more life defeated views News

‘More Life’ Has Defeated ‘Views’

Remember that majestic streaming record 'Views' set? 'More Life' shattered it
Drake-More-Life_Views-Twitter News

Is Drake’s ’More Life’ Better Than ‘Views’ or Nah?

We asked, you answered.
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Drake Formally Announces ‘Please Forgive Me’ Short Film, Produced by Noah “40” S...

For all Drake’s success this year, from the record-breaking Billboard chart performance of his fourth LP, Views, to the way “One D...
HaSizzle New Orleans Bounce Features

The Story Behind Drake’s “She Rode That Dick Like a Soldier” Sample

Louisiana's HaSizzle explains how his salacious single ended up on 'VIEWS'
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DonXScott “Drake And His Naked Niggas”

A highly questionable and hilarious edit of "U With Me?"
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A Complete Look at the ‘VIEWS’ Production Credits

While Drake and Noah '40' Shebib sort out the official credits, we take an in-depth look at the information available so far
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Drake Discusses How Toronto Inspired ‘VIEWS,’ His “Unexpected” Hits, and More Wi...

Everything you need to know about the long-awaited album
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Drake’s ‘Views’ is Streaming on Apple Music

Did an intern f*** up?