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Super Nintendo Classic Tech/Games

The World May Be Burning, But At Least The Super Nintendo Classic Is Coming Back

Help us Star Fox, you're our only hope
EA unveiled new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II. News

EA Unveils New ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Trailer and It’s DOPE!

The Force is strong with this one
razer_project_ariana_projector Tech/Games

This Projector Will Make Video Games Take Over Your Whole World

This might be much better than virtual reality
rampage-game Film

Director Says ‘Rampage’ the Movie Will Somehow Be Good

How do you make a film out of a video game that's short on story?
doubledragon_lead_archive News

Internet Archive Drops Thousands of Games from the 80s To Play In Your Browser

You know you wanna play some Double Dragon right now
13696465_1751934501731067_101632403_n News

Sculpture Vandalized To Look Like Pokéball Vandalized To Look Like Stalin

Pikachu vs. Stalin
pokeballYekaternburg News

Russian City Adopts Sculpture Illegally Vandalized To Look Like a Pokéball

Pokémon Go mania has now reached metropolis-level madness
The Street Art and Graffiti of The Division Video Game Art

Meet the Person Who Makes Street Art Look Legit In Video Game “The Division”

How game developers applied paint and ink onto virtual walls
Sega Genesis Tech/Games

Masami Ishikawa’s Blueprint to Building the Sega Genesis

Masami Ishikawa talks technical aspects of building the Genesis.
Super Mario World Tech/Games

Dude Beats “Super Mario World” in Less Than 10 Minutes

Beating your childhood in less than 10 minutes.
Will Ferrell Tech/Games

Will Ferrell is Playing Video Games to Help Kill Cancer

Will Ferrell's SuperMegaBlast Max Gamer Challenge!
8-Bit Godzilla Tech/Games

CineFix’s 8-Bit Cinema Presents “Godzilla”

Godzilla: King of the Pixels
Hotline Miami Tech/Games

The Importance of Indie Video Games

And why you should pay attention.
ET Film

E.T. Nearly Kills Video Game Industry in “Atari: Game Over”

Watch the trailer for Zak Penn's new documentary about the worst video game ever.
Street Fighter Ryu Music

Rappers Love “Street Fighter”

And we're not just talking about Drake and Lil Wayne
Check out the need to knows from E3 2014 Tech/Games

This is What You Need to Know About E3 2014

And a list of all the sequels you could imagine.