Shabazz Palaces Music Video

Shabazz Palaces Has Snakes On Chains In The “Since C.A.Y.A.” Video

Director Stephan Gray breaks it all down
Greg Abbot News

Another Day, Another Cop Caught On Camera Saying “We Only Kill Black People”

Can't even make this stuff up
Karem/Sanders News

Reporter Calls White House Deputy Press Secretary On Her BS

The war between the press and the Trump administration rages on
Firecracker Butt News

Dear America, Please Don’t Put Firecrackers In Your Ass

A Mother's Day PSA
guac-rascist-trader News

Checking Out at Trader Joe’s with a Muslim Attack and a Bag of Avocados

Hate speech clean up, aisle nine
Steve Shaulis News

White School Cop Just Can’t Stop Choking Black Teens And Knocking Their Teeth Out

The video cam doesn't lie

Florida Sheriff’s Video Looks Like ISIS

"We are coming for you. Run!"
Uber Woman News

Women Threatens Uber Driver With Fake Rape Allegations

Zero Star User Rating
ruedel geddes facebook video News

Philly Police Foot Chase Play-By-Play

"He Gone"
police_safety_video_801 Crime

Hilarious Police Safety Video From the ’80s Will Show You How Cops See the World

What dimension is this?
chile_ufo_video_mystery Conspiracy Theory

Chile’s Government Releases Insane UFO Video

They've been studying it for two years
uzi Music

Lil Uzi Vert Drops Off New Banger, “Ready Set Go (Vlone)”

Uzi season continues
keith_scott_charlotte_shooting_video Crime

Watch: Footage From the Charlotte Police Shooting of Keith L. Scott

Scott's wife screams that he doesn't have a gun and that he suffers from a brain injury
tulsa_shooting_betty_charge_manslaughter Crime

Officer Who Killed Terence Crutcher Is Charged With First-Degree Manslaughter

If convicted, Shelby faces a minimum of four years in prison
terrence_crutcher_police_shooting Crime

Footage Surfaces of Tulsa Police Shooting Terence Crutcher, Unarmed, With Hands ...

A local pastor says, "My impression is that the video I saw is among the worst that we have seen nationally."
i_love_kanye_video_80s Music

“I Love Kanye” Gets Video Even Old Kanye Would Love

Like before Kanye was Kanye