Brooklyn-Teens-Vandalize-Deli News

Dozens of Teens Vandalize Jewish-Owned Brooklyn Store

Watch the footage here.
Mom Mural Graffiti In The Chi Will Become Parent's Responsibility Graffiti

Write Graffiti? Chicago PD Will Sue Your Mom

Ya moms aint safe, B.
shivers-down-my-spine-graffiti-thumb Art

“Shivers Down My Spine” Clean Train Action in Vienna

Come along with Curtis and Alle on a train painting mission in the dark and cold city of Vienna.
mtn_diaries-2-thumb Art

The MTN Diaries 2 – Hardcore 2012 (Part 2)

MTN Diaries is back with an hour long action packed graffiti video featuring hardcore train bombing from Athens to Milan. Since 19...
kidult-1 Art

Brand Vandal KIDULT Releases “Visual Dictatorship” Film

The French graffiti writer releases his manifesto on Vimeo.