United States

trump_womens_march_us_not_a_democracy Politics

The U.S. Has Officially Lost Its Status as a Full Democracy

It was fun while it lasted
nuclear_weapons_close_lead Politics

How Close Are You To a Nuclear Weapon Right Now?

Bomb Squad
prisoner abuse News

2,000+ Photos of US Soldiers Torturing Prisoners Could Be Released Soon

Will it give ISIS fuel?
Twitter reveals Government's data requests increased largely News

Twitter Reveals Huge Increase in Government Data Requests

Big Brother is all up in your DMs.
Ryan Sheckler skating in concrete skate park On The Grind

No “White Savior” Complex: Ryan Sheckler Supports Native Americans

Indigenous endeavors.
Gov. Rod Blagojevich sentenced jail Illinois Real Talk

Rod Blagojevich Is Always Licensed To Ill-inois

We bid farewell to Rod Blagojevich who started his up north trip earlier this month. Stay strong Rod.