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Trump Is a Tweeting Train Wreck Who Can’t Keep His Mass Shootings Straight

Yet another epic fail from the jackass-in-chief
jason-kessler News

White Supremacist Behind Deadly Charlottesville Rally Now Verified by Twitter

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The 10 Best 280 Character Tweets So Far

donald-trump-twitter News

Twitter Employee Deliberately Shuts Down Donald Trump’s Twitter Account on Last Day

A real American hero
Puerto Rico News

While Donald Trump Golfs, Puerto Rico Begs for Help

“We're dying here”
Puerto Rico Devastation News

Trump Tweeted 16 Times About NFL Protests, Not Once About The Crisis In Puerto Rico

Jemele Hill News

White House Wants Jemele Hill Fired For Calling Donald Trump The Bigot He Is

Truth hurts
ted-cruz-like News

Senator Ted Cruz Likes Incest Porn

Here comes the hot sauce
donald-trump-twitter News

Donald Trump Blocked Me on Twitter For Calling Him a Fraud

Is that even legal?
Donald Trump Confederate flag News

In Three Tweets, Donald “The Orange Racist” Trump Endorses Confederate Statues

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Barack Obama’s Charlottesville Response Becomes “Most-Liked” Tweet Ever

"Love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite"
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President Retweets Image Of “Trump Train” Running Over CNN Reporter

Putting out the dog whistle to signal his base
nicki minaj on stage at BET awards News

Nicki Minaj is Super Stoned Right Now

"This weed had the clouds turning into actual ppl & they were doing things."
Donald Trump Cartoon News

Trump’s Abrupt Decision on Transgender Military Members Causes Chaos

Our president, the bigot
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No One Likes President Trump’s “MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL” Twitter Approach

Delete your account
Putin/Trump News

Lyin’ Trump: I Don’t Know About Russia Hacking The Election

Everyone Else: They Did