donald-trump-snoop-dogg Music

Hip Hop’s Most Important Political Moments

Eminem's Trump takedown is just the latest shot in a proud tradition
Tupac and Nas at Club Amazon in 1993 News

The Real Story of How That Nas and Tupac Photo Was Discovered

Inside the week we all caught a Contact High
nas poses at the amazon club in 1993 backstage at a tupac show News

Unseen Photos of Nas with Tupac Rewrite Rap History

Haters will say it's Photoshop
Suge Knight, 2Pac, Tupac News

Suge Knight Spreading Rumors That 2Pac Is Still Alive (Again)

"With Pac you never know."
kendall/kylie jenner News

Biggie’s Mother Doesn’t Care About Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Apologies

"Disrespectful, disgusting, and exploitation at its worst!!!"
tupac filmmakers sued by former vibe writer Film

‘All Eyez On Me’ Filmmakers Sued for Using Fictional Characters in Tupac Biopic

Former ‘VIBE’ writer claims the movie steals his intellectual property
jada pinkett smith finds parts of the new tupac movie to be "hurtful" Film

Jada Pinkett Smith Calls the Tupac Biopic “Hurtful”

"My relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in All Eyez On Me to stand as truth"
outlaw-immortalz-shooting News

Outlawz Speak On Funk Flex’s Tupac Rant: “He’s Way Out of Line”

What really happened during the infamous Quad Studios incident?
MA-Thumbnail_2Pac_nologo Music

On This Day, 2Pac Took Aim With “Hit ‘Em Up”

Remembering one of hip hop's most scathing diss tracks
little girl thinks Tupac is her father News

Watch this Adorable Little Girl Mistake Tupac for Her Dad

Shorty wanna be a thug

Steve McQueen Will Direct a New Tupac Documentary

’12 Years a Slave’ filmmaker tackling Makaveli’s life
Tupac News

Tupac Was Killed Because “He Interfered in Something He Had No Power In”

Former Death Row bodyguard MOB James speaks
snoop dogg tupac hall of fame News

Watch Snoop Dogg Induct Tupac Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

An emotional letter from one West Coast legend to another
tupac all eyez on me biopic trailer Film

‘All Eyez On Me’ is Rap’s Latest Greatest Hits Biopic

Tupac back (in theaters)
troy ave is calling himself newpac News

Troy Ave Says He’s the Second Coming of Tupac

He is trying *everything*
Tupac News

2Pac-Inspired Restaurant Popping Up In NYC This Weekend

Powamekka Cafe x Sweet Chick