Tupac Shakur

SnoopNevaLeft2 Features

Snoop Shows The Rap Game He ‘Neva Left’ and Why Trump’s Twitter Attack Was All Good

Speaking on Kendrick, KRS, and "Ronald Klump."
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Does a New Documentary Get the Story Behind Tupac’s Death Right?

Suge Knight says so
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Afeni Shakur’s Estate Sues Moments in Time for Selling Tupac’s Stuff

The most morbid auction house in the game strikes again
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Meet the Man Selling the Cars Tupac and Biggie Were Killed In

Who buys this stuff anyway?
biggie News

Now The Car Biggie Died in is For Sale, Too

Rap's darkest memorabilia
Tupac Music

Tupac Will Officially Be Inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alongside... Journey
Mr Brainwash Biggie Tupac News

The Murders of Biggie and Tupac Are the Focal Point of USA’s New True Crime Series

The ex-LAPD detective that investigated both murders will be on hand for consultation
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Tupac Wrecks the West Coast in This New GTA V Mod

It's supposed to be California LOVE Pac, damn

‘Fargo’ Actor Bookeem Woodbine Says Tupac and Biggie Had a “Unity” Record in the...

The late superstars had plans to call a truce before their untimely deaths.
biggie-et-tupac-2002-01-g News

Biggie and Tupac get a new film, Johnny Depp Will Star

Will be based on the investigation of the stars' murders
Tupac Shakur Contact Sheet Chid Modu Features

Contact High: Chi Modu Celebrates Tupac Shakur’s 45th Birthday

Chi Modu gives us the details on his time spent with the late Tupac, producing iconic photos
Kendrick Lamar Tupac Letter Music

Kendrick Lamar Pens Tribute to Tupac

Tupac continues to inspire, even 19 years after his death.
Tupac Shakur Poetry News

Read Unreleased Handwritten Poems From 17-Year-Old Tupac Shakur

The common thread through Tupac's dense life was the poignant expression of raw emotion.
Check out the best hip hop moments on In Living Color Features

The Best Hip Hop Appearances on “In Living Color”

Do what you wanna do.
saul-williams-2014-holler-if-ya-hear-me News

Saul Williams Weighs in on Failure of “Holler If Ya Hear Me”

Tupac Shakur Portraits Music

Hear the Tupac Convo From ’95 That Has Everybody Talking

Pac reveals his true ambitions to change the world.