tumblr-ditto-labs-data-mining Tech/Games

Tumblr Announces Data Mining Partnership for Photo Posts

Ditto Labs and Tumblr are about to get all up in your flicks.
Rose Wong Sushi Illustration Art

Originators: Rose Wong

Modern exposure.
IMG_2019 Food/Drink

A Piece of Pizza, A Slice of Punk: The Cultural Significance of a Pie

We've got our mind on some pizza, and some pizza on our mind.
David Karp Tumblr's CEO News

Yahoo! Makes It Rain On Tumblr

Yahoo! is purchasing the microblogging platform Tumblr to the tune of 1.1 Billion Dollars. BALLIN!
undrgrnd Music

DOWNLOAD: Undrgrnd Bullets’ “Madness Vol. 1” Compilation

Undrgrnd Bullets has joined forces with Open Gym Records to present a dope compilation of beats from some up-and-coming producers ...
wall-dogs Art

VIDEO: What is a Wall Dog?

Find out what a "Wall Dog" is.
exquire and dog Music

VIDEO: Mr. MFN eXquire gets “Trapped In the Tumblr Closet”

Watch Mr. MFN eXquire get "Trapped In the Tumblr Closet", here on Mass Appeal.
lombardis-585 News

How NY’s Oldest Pizzeria Stayed Open in the Wake of Sandy

When you think of New York City’s signature foods you might think of bagels or hot dogs but odds are you’ll definitely think of pi...
dredraft Art

Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr

From the minds of Underground King Bun B and illustrator Shea Serrano come the best way to goof off at work or teach your children...
thirst-500 News

New Tumblr Follows Instagram’s “Thirstiest” Men

This Tumblr collects corniest, creepiest, Instagram comment come-ons.
fools-girls 3_500 Miss Appeal

‘Fool’s Girls’ Wrecks Our Productivity

Ladies love Fool's Gold Records
frank-ocean-writer-tweet_500 Music

Are Frank Ocean’s Rhymes on “Blue Whale” Up to Par?

Are we ready for a rappin' Frank Ocean?