eminem-detroit Hot Takes

Is Eminem’s BET Freestyle Too Little Too Late?

Slim Shady scorched the Earth, but Trump still reigns supreme
davante adams Sports

Trump’s Vision of the NFL Could’ve Paralyzed Someone Last Night

Ratings, though
boston-counter-protests Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 22: Which Side Are You On?

Hoping it will all blow over is not an option
donald-trump-eclipse News

Of Course Trump Looked at the Eclipse with Naked Eyes

He's not the brightest crayon in the box
trump expresses confusion during a public appearance News

“President” Trump Can’t Spell the Word “Heal”

Hey, he tried. Twice.
president trump addresses the charlottesville rallies from his golf club in new jersey News

Trump Can’t Bring Himself to Hold White Supremacists Accountable

the view of an immigrations and customs officer's vest from behind News

Judges May be Sending People to Rikers to Help Them Avoid Deportation

A crazy tug-of-war between law enforcement and ICE
Latino and Jewish Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally Art

Digital Madrid Previews Photos From a Pro-Trump Rally

The shots are part of a politically-themed edition of the online gallery series
scaramucci text his wife 'congrats' after she gave birth News

Scaramucci, by Trump’s Side, Text His Wife ‘Congrats’ After She Gave Birth

Like she beat him at blackjack or something