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Art the Throne Pop Chart Lab Art

Art The Throne: HBO Unveils ‘Game of Thrones’-Inspired Art Series

The immersive art experience taps five artist to reinterpret the series' holy-shit-they-went-there moments and iconic characters.
Painted Oceans Project Maunsell Forts Art

Painted Oceans: Tristan Eaton’s Epic All-Star Adventure Painting the Red Sand Se...

A month-long mural project with Shepard Fairey, The London Police, Futura 2000, and How & Nosm.
Vitality and Verve Art

Watch SABER, MEGGS, Audrey Kawasaki, and More Paint for ‘Vitality and Verve’

Get an every-brushstroke-as-it-happens look inside the game-changing show.
Tristan Eaton3 Art

Legacy: Tristan Eaton On His New L.A. Solo Show

No joke, though. Eaton is a beast.

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans With MEGGS and Alexis Diaz

Art. Activism. And our oceans? We’re in.
lamour-supreme-tristan-Eaton-secret-walls-event-recap-2014 Art

Video Recap: Tristan Eaton & Lamour Supreme Battle at Secret Walls

Tristan Eaton vs. L'Amour Supreme!
Tristan eaton pow wow versace mural feature 2014 Art

Tristan Eaton’s Versace Mural With Pow Wow Hawaii

Tristan Eaton x Migos?
Tristan Eaton Tribute to Alexander Graham Bell and Telecommunications in West Palm Beach Florida Feature Image Art

Tristan Eaton Gets Up In West Palm Beach

There more art in Florida than Basel.
Tristan Eaton Mural Rooftop Art

Tristan Eaton’s “Liberty Mural” in Little Italy

We chat with street artist Tristan Eaton about his new Liberty mural in Little Italy.
IMG_7646 - thumb Art

Red Bull “Ride+Style” Recap

When you think of fixed gear bikes the first thing that can come to mind is hipsters and bike messengers rushing past you...but th...
IMG_5830 Art

Red Bull “Ride + Style” Teaser video & Behind The Scenes Photos

Artists Risk, Tristan Eaton, Insa, and Sam Flores collaborated on the bike ramps for the Red Bull “Ride + Style” event going down ...
Eaton Art

Flud x TMNT x Tristan Eaton

New York City-based accessories brand, Flud, teamed up with artist Tristan Eaton to celebrate their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles l...