Tribeca Film Festival


The ‘Copwatch’ Roundtable

"Wake the fuck up. Y'all see this shit?"

Common on ‘Letter to the Free,’ J Dilla and Activism in Hip Hop Now

Real talk at Tribeca Talks
Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Preview Beacon Theater Film

What to See at This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

We got you
Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Banner Film

Mass Appeal’s Guide to Tribeca Film Festival 2016

A selection of must-sees from the 12-day event
Body Team 12 Sumo Film

‘Body Team 12’: The Most Inspirational Ebola Movie Ever Made

This 13-minute film is the perfect antidote to Ebola overload.
Goodfellas 25th Anniversary Screening Film

‘Goodfellas’ Cast Reunites for 25th Anniversary

On the last night of Tribeca Film Festival, the cast members and creators of 'Goodfellas' joined Jon Stewart to talk the gangster ...
In My Father's House Film

Rhymefest Searches for His Pops, Finds Himself ‘In My Father’s House’

Get the story behind Rhymefest's brutally honest new documentary.
Disruptive Innovators Award News

Kanye West & Rick Rubin Give Weirdest Acceptance Speech, OF ALL TIME!

What's cooler than accepting an award in person? Creating a crazy mash up video to accept that award for you.
jr-times-square-wheatpaste-inside-out-thumbnail Art

JR Pastes Times Square

French artist JR was in New York City this week to celebrate the release of his documentary Inside Out: The People's Art Project, ...
tribeca_film_festival-flex_is_kings-thumb Events

Mass Appeal’s Guide to the Tribeca Film Festival 2013

With the Tribeca Film Festival popping off this weekend, the Mass Appeal team selected our Top 10 films with think you won't want ...