filipe-pantone-reis-crew-FEAT Features

Hard in the Paint: All Trains Edition 2

Please stand clear of the closing doors
Ces-Naples-Top-To-Bottom Features

The Ultimate High: How Ces Painted Trains in Naples

The famed Bronx writer went to Naples and crushed trains. He says it was like New York in the '80s.
Stak-Central-Ave Features

Stak TFP On Writing Graf Since the ’70s, Just Doin’ Him

The Brooklyn native has been painting in NYC for over three decades, so pay attention kiddies!
LushSux magnets Graffiti

Lush’s Reign in Spain Now Hits Trains

LUSH and SPOK are out in Madrid hitting trains on some New Wave shit. Believe it.
shivers-down-my-spine-graffiti-thumb Art

“Shivers Down My Spine” Clean Train Action in Vienna

Come along with Curtis and Alle on a train painting mission in the dark and cold city of Vienna.
mtn_diaries-2-thumb Art

The MTN Diaries 2 – Hardcore 2012 (Part 2)

MTN Diaries is back with an hour long action packed graffiti video featuring hardcore train bombing from Athens to Milan. Since 19...
graffiti-train-hamburg-germany Art

Bombing in Hamburg

Graffiti mission videos are like watching an urbanized form of National Geographic. A few artists get together, decide they need t...