stephen king it trailer Film

Turn On All the Lights and Watch the New ‘It’ Trailer

Oh fuck no
x_23_logan_trailer Film

‘Logan,’ the Latest Wolverine Movie, Gets a Brutal New Trailer

Looks like lil X-23 is a badass
girl_with_all_the_gifts_trailer Film

The New Zombie Movie That’s Making Critics Lose Their Shit

And their lunch
John_wick_2_trailer Film

Watch: John Wick 2 Trailer Comes in With Guns Blazing

Someone was wise enough to leave his dog alone this time
blade_runner_2049_trailer_lead Film

Watch: Blade Runner Sequel Gets its First Trailer

'Blade Runner 2049' hits in 2017 and it looks good
star_wars_avengers_trailer Film

Star Wars Vs Marvel Fan Trailer Shows Why This Actually Might Be Good

Definitely would be better than Alien v Predator
fate_of_furious_trailer_lead Film

Latest Fast and Furious Gets an Explosive Trailer

The fam is fighting
war_of_planet_of_apes_trailer News

First Trailer for ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Brings the Revolution

journey_to_china_arnold_chan Film

Jackie Chan and Schwarzenegger Are in a Movie Together That No One’s Heard About

This is just weird
the_mummy_cruise_trailer Film

Tom Cruise Has an Impossible Mission to Beat ‘The Mummy’

New trailer reboots the franchise
silence_trailer_scorsese Film

Martin Scorsese’s Dream Project Finally Gets a Trailer

Taking an intense trip to 17th century Japan
obama_netflix_barry Film

The Trailer for Netflix’s Obama Movie Reminds Us of Better Times

Young Obama becomes a man
roland_808_trailer_documentary Film

Trailer for Roland 808 Documentary Features Questlove, Pharrell and Afrika Bamba...

Too many musicians to name
ghost_in_the_shell_trailer Film

The ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Remake Trailer Looks Spot On

Ya know, except for Scarlett Johansson not being Asian
valerian_rihanna_trailer1 Film

Watch: Rihanna Shows Up in New Sci-Fi Flick From the Creator of ‘The Fifth Element’

This looks great
tupac-and-john-singleton_movie Film

John Singleton Says Hollywood Has Already Fucked Up the Tupac Biopic

"They want to make the Tupac story that involves them and not the Tupac story."