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PREMIERE: ShaqIsDope Wants That “Power”

"I wanted to create a record that would inspire people to get up and go get it."
j-soul, only one, krs, serani, no games, Jordan Manswell, Yogi Music

J-Soul Reworks a Classic Dancehall Tune on “Only One”

Remix? Cover? Homage? All of that.
alexis eke, illustration, afrocentric, toronto Art

Double Tap: @alexis.eke

Some fire Afrocentric illustrations for your headpiece
Watch the new video for Slugabed's "Earth Is Gone Sorry" featuring vocals by Lum. The video tells a Biblical tale through memes. Music Video

PREMIERE: Slugabed’s “Earth Is Gone Sorry” Video Sends Coded Message

Gettin' Biblical with it, nanananana
A primer on Giggs, who's featured twice on Drake's new album, More Life Music

Who’s Giggs and What’s He Doing on ‘More Life’?

A quick primer on the UK rap vet
Ebhoni-What-You-Want Music

Ebhoni Shows Us How A Day Without A Woman Sounds

"What You Want" vs. what you need
raptor News

Kyle Lowry Refuses To Soften His Words On Trump’s Muslim Ban

"I think it's bullshit. I think it's absolute bullshit."
rob_ford_crack_lead Drugs

You Can Finally Watch a Video of Rob Ford Smoking Crack

Crack Kills
13334658_1001526049944499_17468936_o Music

Rob GF “Milli”

Toronto's most aggressively-underground rapper is back
Pup the band Music

Pup’s Dream Is Alive and Still Screaming

The Toronto punk quartet's sophomore album gives the middle finger to fate
marijuana dispensaries Drugs

Canadian Cops Raid Marijuana Dispensaries Despite Plans for Legalization

“Peaceful people are being harmed by this law enforcement."
Dilly Dally Music

Dilly Dally “Snakehead” Video

Featuring subtitle commentary from the brain of Katie Monks
rob ford News

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Dead Following Battle With Cancer

Despite his recent infamy, Ford was reportedly well-liked by many of the city's residents
Greys Music

Greys “No Star”

"It’s about wanting someone to understand and relate to you, but most importantly, letting you speak for yourself."
jazz cartier opera video Music

Jazz Cartier “Opera” Video

Canals close in on this cut from 'Hotel Paranoia'
Kool Aid Man Flex The Antihero Music

PREMIERE: Flex The Antihero “Kool Aid Man” ft. Roshin

The two Toronto emcees trade verses while channelling the jolly, wall-smashing character's indiscretion