Too Short

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Snoop Shows The Rap Game He ‘Neva Left’ and Why Trump’s Twitter Attack Was All Good

Speaking on Kendrick, KRS, and "Ronald Klump."
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Ignorance Is Remiss: An Examination with Too $hort on the Parti Pris in Rap Music

There's a lot more going on in the California rapper's music
a3c 96 Events

Def Squad, Legendary DJs, and “ATLiens” Tribute Added to Our 1996 Stage at A3C

Bringing the full flavor of 1996
the mekanix two hands Music

PREMIERE: The Mekanix “2 Hands” ft. E-40, Too $hort, Richie Rich, and Loverboi

Guaranteed to not be played at bar mitzvahs this year
cold 187um hustle hard Music

Cold 187um “Hustle Hard” ft. Too Short and E-40

Hustlin' and some more hustlin', straight west coastin'
Too $hort News

Too $hort Brings Loaded Gun to Airport, Runs Away From Security in Socks

Short Dawg in socks.
too-short-goldwathc Time Pieces

“Time Pieces” by Goldwatch: Too Short in Oakland

Too Short is like the mayor of Oakland. I wanted to create something that really felt like the Bay, and not in the stereotypical p...
Too $hort Oakland Time Piece Goldwatch

Has Anyone Ever Told You, That You Look Like Too Short?

I linked up with Too $hort and we cruised around Oakland for a day, while I rolled camera. I remember thinking he was the mayor....
Screen shot 2012-11-28 at 10 Film

Introducing Jason Goldwatch’s “Time Pieces”

Featuring cultural icons shot on super 8 film.
the death set Goldwatch

My Weeks Are Freakin’ Beautiful #13

Enjoy another week of life through a glass time machine i hold up and press the button, and everything freezes.
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VIDEO: Too Short Talks Dirty Raps and The Hip Hop Dance Experience

If you’ve been a fan of Too Short since your grade school days you probably remember hiding his albums from your parents, lest you...
Goldwatch photo series: My Weeks are Freakin' Beautiful Goldwatch

Goldwatch: My Weeks Are Freakin’ Beautiful

Introducing a new weekly photo series from resident Mass Appeal artist Jason Goldwatch. Check back every friday for installments o...