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Let Loose ‘The Deuce’ For Real For Real

HBO's new series evokes Times Square's seedy past
nathan barksdale News

Baltimore Drug Kingpin Nathan Barksdale Dies in Prison

"In real life he was one of the most notorious and resilient gangster drug kingpins Baltimore has ever seen"
Barack Obama spoke with David Simon about 'The Wire' Video

Watch Barack Obama’s In-Depth Conversation With ‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon

Obama and Simon discuss law enforcement in inner-city neighborhoods, drug trafficking, mass incarceration, and more.
The Wire was remastered in HD TV

Back for the First Time: HBO to Broadcast “The Wire” in HD

Omar is coming.
Mack Wilds Boombox Feature Image Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Mack Wilds

Mack WIlds sits down with Mass Appeal to talk about dropping his new album, "New York A Love Story."
michael_k_williams_otw_massappeal Off Tha' Wall

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Michael K. Williams

We catch up with Michael K. Williams to talk about how he got his start as an actor, his role as Omar on "The Wire," as well as hi...