Studies show old mice are smarter when exposed to THC. News

The Older You Get, the Smarter You Are When You’re Stoned

If you're a mouse, that is

Festival-Goers Freak Out On Free Weed Candy

Don't take candy from strangers
Yeasts Drugs

Scientists Create Yeast That Can Make THC

Perhaps self-growing pot brownies will be next on researchers' to-do list
Cannabis Legally Cultivated in Netherlands Drugs

U.S. Government Admits Effectiveness of Cannabinoids in Killing Cancer Cells

People using medical marijuana to manage side effects of chemotherapy may find that the drug is also treating their cancer.
SB4 News

Sandra Bland’s Toxicology Report Released, More Attorneys Join the Investigation

As more details about Bland's tragic death emerge, the mystery grows deeper and deeper.
THC Perfect Music

THC “Perfect” ft. Childish Gambino & Kent Jamz of Overdoz

Crowd lookin' like Freaknik.
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Stars & Hype Forever: Bitches Is Crazy

Stars & Hype Forever is your in-depth guide to what’s next in hip hop. Each week we profile artists you need to know about, this w...