Charneisha Corley is suing Texas cops for rape by cop. News

11-Minute Video Released In Texas “Rape By Cop” Case As Charges Dropped

How is this legal?
tay-k 47 lights up a backwoods blunt in his viral music video for his song "The Race." This week, on august 15th, "The Race" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 70. Music

Tay-K 47 Breaks Into The Billboard Hot 100 With “The Race”

Blowing up behind bars
James Scott Lee News

“I’m Gonna Kill Me One Today” Says White Guy Who Attempted Stabbing A Black Man

Would you believe he was from Texas?
trump-sleeping-no-sig News

Trump’s New Obama Care Replacement May Not Even Pass

Here's your Daily Blunt
Devin the Dude On Going to Jail for a Joint Video

420 Space: Devin The Dude

“I got out of jail not too long ago for a joint.”
Brianna Talbott News

Texas White Girl Falsely Accuses Three Black Men Of Raping Her

Police "have no idea why she did it"
masturbation banana News

State Rep Trolls Texas Republicans With $100 Fine for Each Time Men Jerk Off

Start saving!
tex News

Texas Won’t Legalize It

State lawmakers drag their boots on medical marijuana
Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 4 Music

Rappers Pretend to Rob a Bank for Music Video; Arrested Immediately

"In the encyclopedia of bad ideas, this has got to be on page one"
nwa_dishwasher_fuckthepolice Crime

Hero Dishwasher Blasts ‘Fuck the Police’ as Cops Dine at BBQ Spot

Cops are way too sensitive
AK-Mightier-3 Art

Texas Bans Art Made From AK-47s, Real AK Still OK

Only in Texas
Texas and Gane, Sabek, and Tones Go Hard in the Paint Features

Texas and Gane, Sabek, and Tones Go Hard in the Paint

Another trip around the world for the best of the best
campus carry News

University of Houston Warns Professors to Change Curriculum for Campus Carry Law

Educators were provided with a new set of trigger warnings to consider, broken down into a list of bullet points
paul aker, us marshals News

U.S. Marshals Reveal New Details About Texas Man’s Arrest for Unpaid Student Loans

Paul Aker's story was shocking, but not exactly true
US Marshals Knock and Announce News

U.S. Marshals Arrest Texans Over Unpaid Student Loans

The federal government is now providing the muscle for debt collection agencies
unarmed teen News

Texas Cop Shoots and Kills Naked, Unarmed Teen

David Joseph is another tragic addition to the list of unarmed Black men killed by cops.