Gang_member_tattoo_removal Video

Watch These Ex-Gang Members React To Seeing Themselves Without Tattoos

Some of these men haven't seen themselves like this in decades
Don't Shoot Jesse Hazelip Amer the Gamer Original Art

‘Don’t Shoot’: Jesse Hazelip On Injustice and His Tattoo as Protest Performance

"I feel like it was the only way to communicate the severity of what I’m trying to expose."
Red Skull News

Man Chops Off Nose and Tattoos Eyeballs to Become Marvel Villain Red Skull

Now this is some next level Marvel fan shit.
Slow motion tattoo Art

Take a Slow-Motion Look at How Tattoos Work

Getting inked in slow motion is so badass, bro.
kid cudi solar inspiration Tattoo

Kid Cudi’s New Hand Tattoo Shows Solar Inspiration

group shot Events

Thom Devita’s “Odd Art” Returns to the Bowery

He inked up New Yorkers when tattooing was illegal. Now, Thom Devita is a walking tat legend.
Tattoo Shop Sunglasses Sitting Tattoo

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Ronnie Dell’Aquila

Discover how East Coast legend Ronnie Dell’Aquila has been passionately tattooing for over forty years.

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Dr. Woo

Sunset Strip tattooist Dr. Woo talks about the learning cuver and all of the things that go into the scene and history of his craft.
Tattoo White Tee Glasses White Hair Art

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Dave Hill

Fellowship Supply Company interviews veteran tattoo machine builder Dave Hill about his craft and how he's continued to foster his...
Tattoo Shop Seat Preparing Men Hat Arm Art

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Freddy Negrete

Find out how tattooing helped Freddy Negrete escape juvenile detention early in his life and go on to support his career in the cu...
sure-tattoo-memorial-day Graffiti

Memorial Day – Sure’s Indelible Mark

This Memorial Day the Mass Appeal team takes a moment to remember Sure, an influential Brooklyn graffiti writer who lost his life ...
Timmy-Tatts-Thumbnail Art

Fellowship Supply Co. Presents: Inside The Union – Timmy Tatts

Fellowship Supply explores the story Timmy Tatts, his passion for tattooing and the time that he discovered Charlie Wagner's old m...
Fellowship-Union-Dringenberg-Thumbnail-2 Art

Fellowship Presents: Inside The Union – Dan Dringenberg

Fellowship Union explores the story of tattoo machine maker Dan Dringenberg and the inspiration and craft that goes into his work.
Mark-Mahoney-Fellowship-Supply-4 Art

Fellowship Presents: Inside the Union – Mark Mahoney

Fellowship explores the story of tattoo legend Mark Mahoney the man behind the Shamrock Social Club on LA’s storied Sunset Strip, ...
Skull-Sword-Black-Scale-Thumbnail Art

Black Scale x Skull & Sword Tattoo

Esoteric streetwear label Black Scale collaborates with San Francisco's Skull & Sword and artist Grime for a special t-shirt.
dorner-tattoo-mr_trigz_2 News

Is This the First Christopher Dorner Tribute Tattoo?

L.A. artist Mr. Trigz of Sin City Tattoo and Body Piercing does the first Christopher Dorner tattoo.