taiwan_politician_pole_dancers Politics

Watch a Taiwanese Politician’s Funeral Procession Featuring 50 Pole Dancers

Jeep-top dancers are a celebration of life
taiwan_nazi_themed_school_party Politics

Taiwanese High School Has a Nazi-Themed Holiday Parade

It was supposed to be cosplay. Whatever happened to Dragonball?
lamborghini-murcielago-destroyed News

Officials In Taiwan Are Dicks for What They Did To This Lamborghini Murciélago

Soul-crushing video shows the total destruction of a perfectly intact Italian supercar.
steph-blocked Sports

Stephen Curry Gets His Shit Tossed By a Teenager

Steph's tragic summer continues.
fresh-off-the-boat-with-eddie-huang-back-in-taiwan-part-1-0 News

Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off The Boat”: Back in Taiwan Pt. 1

Chef Eddie Huang couldn’t stay away from his homeland of Taiwan so the outspoken food and culture aficianado takes us back for a s...
eddie-huang-based-fob News

Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off The Boat” Taiwan Episode, Pt. 3

In the first few seconds of this final part of FOB’s Taiwan episode Eddie Huang informs his dad Louis that pornstar Ava Devine onc...
eddie-huang-penis-ice-fressh-ff-the-boat News

Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off the Boat: Taiwan” Part 1

What you know about betel nut beauties? What about sausages within sausages? Or penis waffles? Or 24-hour shrimping spots? Do you ...
eddie-huang-fresh-off-the-boat-taiwan News

Watch the Trailer for Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off The Boat” Taiwan Episode

Mass Appeal’s favorite FOB food writer is going back to the mother land. No, not that motherland, we mean his native Taiwan.  In t...