Supreme Court

Venezuela News

Venezuelan Cop Hijacks Helicopter, Drops Grenades On Supreme Court

Crisis in Caracas
Travel Ban Protests News

Trump’s Muslim Ban Partially Reinstated By the Supreme Court

Welcome to the "bona fide relationship" era
Melania News

Not Even Melania Wants To Touch Trump’s Tiny Dictator Hands

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Donald Trump sticks tongue out like idiot News

Trump is Obsessed With 9/11…Ratings

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Trump with women News

New Study Finds Men More Willing to Be Dicks Towards Women in the Trump Era

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Michael Flynn News

Fired Flynn Wants To Narc On Trump

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supreme court Drugs

Supreme Court Denies States’ Lawsuit Against Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization

Nebraska and Oklahoma will continue to pursue legal action against Colorado
justice antonin scalia News

GOP Threatens to Block Obama’s Nominations After Justice Antonin Scalia Dies

Take a second to imagine Donald Trump nominating a Supreme Court Justice
mandatory life sentences Knowledge

Supreme Court Ruling Could Free Juveniles Given Mandatory Life Sentences for Hom...

Juveniles "must be given the opportunity to show their crime did not reflect irreparable corruption."
This 29 February, 2000, photo shows the "death cha Knowledge

Supreme Court Rules States Can Continue Using Controversial Lethal Injection Drug

Many inmates and advocates believe that botched executions due to the ineffectiveness of these drugs is "cruel and unusual punishm...
Duck-hunt-no-homo Print

Issue 40: Duck Hunt – No Homo

DOMA is dead y'all. So we're educating all the homophobes of the world on the origin of the phrase "No homo."