justice league Features

‘Justice League’: Film vs. Comic

Going in-depth on the easter eggs and comic continuity
Injustice 2 main Tech/Games

Watch the Announcement Trailer for DC’s ‘Injustice 2’

Get excited for some hero-on-hero violence!
Batman V Features

Comic vs. Film: ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Love it or hate it, this blockbuster is full of comic book characters and easter eggs
Batman v Superman Trinity Features

Here’s What We Learned From the New ‘Batman v. Superman’ Trailer

We breakdown everything we could glean from the new 3-minute trailer.
Batman v Superman Film

Watch a Shaky Teaser Trailer for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

The low-quality trailer showcases director Zack Snyder's dark vision for the film.

Batmobile From “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Revealed

You know his whip game proper.
Batman v Superman Film

Henry Cavill Returns as the Man Of Steel in “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”

The man of steel is back!
A new Justice League movie is on the way Film

Justice League Coming Soon, but Will it Save the Day?

This Justice League movie has us rooting for the Legion of DOOM.
Superman Grill Truck Front Grill Film

Willie G Reviews The “Man Of Steel” Movie and Ram Truck

Read our resident car expert's new Superman movie and pickup truck review.
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VIDEO: Lego “Man of Steel” Movie Trailer

Is Superman still the Man of Steel if he's made of Legos?
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Superman Quits the Daily Planet, Starts News Blog?

Superman’s mild-mannered alter ego, Clark Kent, is going from zero to working class hero in Superman issue 13, according to USA To...
Fake Trailer Round Up Film

Fake Movie Trailer Round Up

Everyone knows how easy it is for Hollywood to misinterpret popular video games and comic books when they’re translated to the big...