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too-short-goldwathc Time Pieces

“Time Pieces” by Goldwatch: Too Short in Oakland

Too Short is like the mayor of Oakland. I wanted to create something that really felt like the Bay, and not in the stereotypical p...
Jay Electronica IN Nepal Time Pieces

“Time Pieces” by Goldwatch: Jay Electronica in Nepal

Take a journey with Mass Appeal.  Boudhanath with the Buddhists, Gadhimai with the Hindus, Pashupatinath with the Sadus; from the ...
jay-elec-nepal Film

Goldwatch’s “Time Pieces” Goes to Nepal With Jay Electronica

From the slums of Kathmandu, to the top of a monastery at Boudha Stupa, to meeting with the Sadus of Pashupatinath, join Goldwatch...
Screen shot 2012-11-28 at 10 Film

Introducing Jason Goldwatch’s “Time Pieces”

Featuring cultural icons shot on super 8 film.