Stop and Frisk

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Why NFL Players Should Move Their Protests to Touchdown Celebrations

How’s that for an audible?
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Small Time Weed Arrests Jump By 30% Despite NYPD Promise To End Small Time Weed ...

The NYPD just can't stop themselves
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Federal Monitor Says NYPD Are Under-Reporting Stop-And-Frisk Incidents

“It is essential in a democratic society that the public have confidence in what is being reported by the police.”
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NYPD Says Hiring Black Cops Is Difficult Because Too Many Have Criminal Records

Bratton blames his own "stop and frisk" policy for reducing the pool of black men with clear criminal records.
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NYCLU’s “Stop and Frisk Watch” App Now on iPhone

With the nature of the New York Police Department’s controversial Stop, Question and Frisk measures being called into question, ma...