Jay Z News

Jay Z Ethers His Own Catalog From Apple Music and Spotify

Poof! Vamoose
prince News

Prince’s Catalog to Arrive on Streaming Services, Sort of

It's official
obama_spotify_president Music

Spotify Wants Obama to Be Its President of Playlists

At least he could still be President of something
Dirty_Santa Music

Gorillaz Shake Up Your Christmas Party with Spotify Playlist

Take a break from the usual cheesiness for Yuletide tunes about hookers in Minneapolis and Santa visiting the ghetto
running_2 News

The Numbers Are In: The Music Industry Is Finally Rising Out Of That Rut

When will labels learn how to properly distribute music for its consumers?
tinder-spotify-hip-hop Features

We Picked Spotify Songs for These 10 Hip Hop Artists’ Tinder Profiles

What do you think Kid Cudi would pick for his Anthem?
RecordStore Music

Revenue From Vinyl Sales in 2015 Is Higher Than YouTube and Spotify Free Combined

The music industry is shifting from CDs and illegal downloads to streaming services and vinyl sales.
Spotify Musical Map Music

Spotify’s New ‘Musical Map’ Shows Hip Hop Is the Most Streamed Music in the World

Spotify plans to update their musical map twice a month, a process which involves analyzing 20 billion listener/track relationships.
taylor-swift-apple-music News

Apple Music Agrees to Pay Artists During Promotional Rollout

After major labels failed to stand up for their artists, indie labels and Taylor Swift had to step up to pressure Apple to do the ...
sony-spotify News

Leaked Sony-Spotify Contract Shows Where the Money Goes in the Music Streaming B...

If you follow the money, you'll end up in the pocket of a major label.
Spotify-Diversify Tech/Games

Spotify Just Stepped Its Game Up in a Major Way

The streaming service has announced plans to add personalized recommendations, fitness integration, and more.
TIDAL X: Jay-Z B-sides in NYC Music

Jay Z Disses Spotify and YouTube at Tidal B-Sides Concert in NYC

Nothing inspires Hov these days like a corporate battle.
Jay-Z-Tidal Tech/Games

Tidal’s Royalty Payouts to Artists Double Spotify’s

Here are some more #TidalFacts.
Spotify-The-Echo-Nest Tech/Games

New Spotify Ads Target Users Based on Mood

Spotify's new ad targeting technology allows brands to serve ads based on 15 activities.
Jay Z Removes Reasonable Doubt from Spotify Tech/Games

Is Jay Z Moving His Music From Spotify to Tidal?

Hov's debut album has mysteriously disappeared from Spotify.
Tidal-Jay-Z Tech/Games

Jay Z Sets Off “TIDAL” Wave

Hov has enlisted a number of high-profile friends for the launch.