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‘Spider-Man Homecoming’: Film vs. Comic

How does the latest film stack up to its comic roots?
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New Spider-Man Gets Two Spectacular Trailers

And Iron Man is all over them
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Marvel Reveals Final Teaser for Spider-Man Event ‘Dead No More’

What has controversial Spider-Man writer Dan Slott cooked up for us this time?
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Breaking Down the New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

Everything means something
Spider Man in the MCU Film

Black or Latino Spider-Man Rumored for Next Marvel Film

Sony may take a big step in bringing diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Spider Man is joining the MCU Film

Spider-Man Officially Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Marvel and Sony Rumored to Share the Rights to Spider-Man

Maybe we can see Peter Parker in Avengers 3?
Donald Glover Spider-Man TV

Donald Glover to Play Spider-Man

Glover's hitting the booth again. This time for the kids.
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VIDEO: Peter Parkour — London’s Spider-Man

Watch London's very own Spider Man do some crazy Parkour.
The Amazing Spider-Man video game by Beenox / Sony / EA Tech/Games

Spider-Man Spins New Web of Amazement

We were re-introduced to New York's most famous Web Head at an exclusive preview of The Amazing Spider-Man on Xbox 360.