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The Bench: SP One

The writer and artist found joy in art again by looking to the old school
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Off Script: SP One

Documenting the best graffiti handstyles from NYC and around the world
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Greg Lamarche Releases Limited Edition T-Shirt Collection With Trifecta Editions

Cop these new tees for the first day of school. Or just 'cuz they're fire.
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Claw & Co Present “Champagne Campaign” ft. SP.ONE, Yes 2, and Aero 77

If you're looking for something to do tonight in New York, fall through.

Janette Beckman’s Hip Hop Mash Up 2014

Kickin' It Old School
wop_pieceout_chino-4448 Graffiti

Piece Out: A Tribute to the Origins of Graffiti

Watch a few NYC graffiti legends legally paint a subway car from the 1950s out in Kingston, New York.
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Greg Lamarche’s Collage on a Colossal Scale – The Big Brush Project Public Art M...

To kick off Colossal Media's Big Brush Project they collaborated with artist Greg Lamarche on two large, colorful, typographic mur...
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Greg “SP” Lamarche Talks About His “Timeless” Exhibition

I met SP in a layup back in 1987. The RR train. I believe the train was parked between the Broadway and 36th Avenue stops....
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Lettersman: Greg Lamarche

Greg Lamarche is has been contributing to Mass Appeal since way back, and his broad range of artistic gift has helped to define ou...