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south-park-logic TV

‘South Park’ Turns Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” Into a Cry for Attention

Cartman has no chill
south-park-20-years Features

Everything I Need To Know About Charlottesville I Learned on ‘South Park’

Trey Parker and Matt Stone predicted the future for the last 20 years
south_park_voice_ike TV

Watch: Trey Parker’s Daughter Is the Voice of Ike on South Park

You'll never see Ike the same way again
isaac_hayes_quit_scientology News

Isaac Hayes’ Son Says That His Father Quit South Park Against His Will

Scientology, man
south park colin kaepernick News

Watch: South Park Takes Shots at Colin Kaepernick’s Protest

The show is apparently not a fan of the 49ers quarterback
yelpSP TV

Yelp Is Not Really Suing ‘South Park’ Over “You’re Not Yelping” Episode

Google indexed the story as legit news, but it's all a hoax, folks.
Tupac-Hologram-South-Park TV

Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Lorde Holograms Star on “South Park”

“You can't just replace artists with holograms. Who will make the content?"
South-Park TV

“South Park” Takes Shots at Lorde and Bedroom Producers

South Park's parody game is on point.
Black Dave Black Bart Mixtape Music

Black Dave Releases Black Bart And Lists His Favorite Cartoons

To celebrate his new Black Bart mixtape, Black Dave reveals what his favorite cartoons growing up were.