DJ Premier with Prodigy and Mobb Deep Music

The Best Prodigy Rarities and Tributes SoundCloud

"Still came home with his shine"
XXXsensation Rainbow Cover Music

An Interview With XXXSensation, the Internet’s Top XXXTentacion Parody Artist


A Chat With The Guy Who Just Hacked Matt Ox’s Social Media Accounts

"I wanted to get a lil clout so i decided to hack everythin he has"

ThouxanBanFauni Doesn’t Need Your Clout

Can Fauni find his own way to the top?
Soundcloud to pay remixers and DJs Music

Get Paid for Your Soundcloud Remix! Well, Kinda

Just don't get your hopes up
SoundCloud_logo gamechanger

Gamechanger: SoundCloud Launches Paid Subscription Service

Is $9.99 too much?
SoundCloud Knowledge

Leaked SoundCloud Contract Details Plans for Premium Tiers and Label Payouts

The streaming service is scrambling to monetize its popular service after Sony began pulling its content.
Sony-SoundCloud Music

Sony Is Pulling Its Catalog from SoundCloud

Is this the beginning of the end for SoundCloud?
Music-Streaming-iPhone Music

The Tech Platforms Helping Independent Musicians Make Money

These platforms tout how much they've paid out to artists, but are they the future of the music industry?
SoundCloud-Warner-Music-Group Tech/Games

SoundCloud Partners With Warner Music Group for Paid Subscription Model

Is the end near?
Twitter-SoundCloud Tech/Games

Twitter Integrates SoundCloud With “Twitter Audio Cards”

An improvement on Twitter's failed #Music app.
soundcloud-red Music

SoundCloud Reports a $29 Million Loss in 2013

SoundCloud's in the red.
soundcloud-2014 Music

SoundCloud to Introduce Ads, Pay Artists & Labels

SoundCloud audio ads are coming soon.
BASECAMP Shudder Music

BASECAMP “Shudder”

Shake to this.
Willis Ear Beal Until We Die Music

Willis Earl Beal “Until We Die”

What you talkin bout Willis?
DJ BassBear Black White Feature Image Features

DJ BassBear Pumps That Bass

Bass music philosophy and a brand-new double tape.