running_2 News

The Numbers Are In: The Music Industry Is Finally Rising Out Of That Rut

When will labels learn how to properly distribute music for its consumers?
Beyonce Tidal News

Jay Z Might Be Forced to Remove Beyoncé’s Music From Tidal

Sony's out for dead presidents to represent B.
sony-spotify News

Leaked Sony-Spotify Contract Shows Where the Money Goes in the Music Streaming B...

If you follow the money, you'll end up in the pocket of a major label.
Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker Tech/Games

Set the Mood With Sony’s LED Light Bulb Speaker

Dim the lights and cue up the baby-makin' music.
Sony-SoundCloud Music

Sony Is Pulling Its Catalog from SoundCloud

Is this the beginning of the end for SoundCloud?
Ghostface-Killah-Ironman Music

Sony Wins Ghostface Killah “Iron Man” Lawsuit

Composer Jack Urbont needs to get his publishing straight.
According to Sony, Kanye West has a film in the works Film

Leaked Sony Email Reveals New Immersive Film From Kanye West

Yeezy's aiming to get back on the big screen.
Jeff Boyes - The Professional Film

Gallery 1988 Creates 16 Blu-ray Covers for Sony Classic Films

Pop art covers for classic flicks.
Spider-Man Film

Marvel and Sony Rumored to Share the Rights to Spider-Man

Maybe we can see Peter Parker in Avengers 3?
Check out the need to knows from E3 2014 Tech/Games

This is What You Need to Know About E3 2014

And a list of all the sequels you could imagine.
MKX New Characters battling 2014 ps4 reveal Tech/Games

Mortal Kombat X’s New Characters and Fatalities are Gully

sony-ps4-playstation-4-coming-holiday-2013-001 Tech/Games

Sony PlayStation 4 Unveiled: What You Need to Know

And just like that, Sony has fired the first salvo in the real next generation video game wars with the newly unveiled PlayStation...
Put more than just time on your hands with Sony's Smartwatch Tech/Games

Sony Smartens Up with New Watch

Attention Android carriers! Communication is all in the wrist, not your sweaty palms thanks to the Smartwatch.