Sofles-Quicksilver-Mapping Graffiti

Sofles “Quicksilver” Mapping Project With Selina Miles

Check this nearly lost gem of projection mapping and graffiti.
Taboo-Nueva-York-Box-Truck-Feat Features

Sofles, Taboo, and Sicoer Go Hard in the Paint

Join us as we jet around the world via 1s and 0s to peep the best in graf and street art from the past week.
Sofles Castaway Video Graffiti

Sofles With More Stop-Motion Wildness in ‘Castaway’

Another Sofles stop motion video, this time on a tropical beach.
Sofles Graffiti Mapped Video Film

Graf Meets Video Mapping in “SOFLES | Graffiti Mapped”

Sofles rocks a giant mural and projection mapper Grant Osborne handles the rest.
sofles-infinite-ironlak-thumb Graffiti

Sofles “Infinite” Mind-Blowing Graffiti Time-Lapse

Probably the sickest graffiti time-lapse video to date, Selina Miles documents graffiti writer Sofles as he paints piece after pie...
twoone-sofles-bonsai-roxburgh-park-project-melbourne-australia-3 Art

Watch TwoOne, Sofles, and Bonsai Paint Roxburgh Park in Australia

Armed with some aerial lift equipment, and crates of aerosols, the Australian artists go to work at Roxbury Park Artist Project.