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Kiss Your Fly Instagram Grid Goodbye

Picture imperfect
computer-brain Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 17: Content Of My Character

You can’t pay rent or utilities with respect
Kendrick-Lamar-untitled-unmatstered Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 9: Art Is Open To Interpretation

Trust me, Kendrick can deal with criticism.
1280px-Elephant_Berlin_Zoo_having_Sex News

Americans Are Having Less Sex

Because the internet (but not the porn part) 
Jack Dorsey Twitter 140 Character Limit Increase Tech/Games

Making Sense of Twitter’s Rumored 140-Character Limit Increase

Push it to the limit, and then redefine the limit.
Internet News

Facebook Offers Free Mobile Internet to Boost Worldwide Usage

People in developing countries can now experience the joy of staring at their phones all day.
Facebook Instant Articles News

Facebook May Disrupt Publishing With “Instant Articles”

Will this be the final nail in the coffin for traditional news media, or the start of a new era of publishing?
keith-haring-student-id-header Art

How to Understand Keith Haring’s Work in a Post-Kardashian World

The late artist was a product and parent of the popular street art movement.
women shopping News

Social Media Posts Can Be Used to Track Your Credit Card Purchases

Anyone who is interested can keep tabs on where you are, what you do, and what you buy.
Facebook student News

Illinois Schools Can Now Legally Ask Students for Their Social Media Passwords

The law is intended to stop cyberbulling in schools.
american-psycho-selfie News

Study Says Men Who Take Hella Selfies Are Psychopaths

Good job on the self-portrait, bruh, really.
Rick Ross Suicidal Selfie Real Talk

Rap and the “Suicidal Selfie”

Putting the (metaphorical) chrome to your dome.

Bluntbreak Curates His Top 21 Instagram Photos

Photographer Bluntbreak made a name for himself on Instagram, with a unique perspective of New York and over ten thousand follower...
thirst-500 News

New Tumblr Follows Instagram’s “Thirstiest” Men

This Tumblr collects corniest, creepiest, Instagram comment come-ons.
cuffin_season_promo Real Talk

Off The Cuff: The Cuffin’ Season Calendar Explained

We have a chat with the man behind the hilarious and very useful Cuffin' Season calendar.