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New Music From: Snoop Dogg, Wifisfuneral, Section Boyz and More

The Listening Room (April 25, 2017)

Snoop Dogg Goes Vintage With ‘Neva Left’

On a mission, and his mission won't stop
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Stay High: 420 Smoked Out Rap Songs for 4/20

The Flatbush Zombies drop their new "Still Palm Trees (G-MIX)" featuring Snoop Dogg just in time for 4/20 and to kick off their sping tour. Music

Flatbush ZOMBIES and Snoop Roll Up “Still Palm Trees”

Every day's a holiday for these guys, but 4/20's the pinnacle
17bestmusicvideosof2017sofarmassappeal_720 News

The Best Music Videos of 2017 (So Far)

As the first quarter of 2017 draws to a close, MASS APPEAL runs down the 17 Best Music Videos
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Watch Snoop Dogg Induct Tupac Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

An emotional letter from one West Coast legend to another
SnoopNevaLeft2 Features

Snoop Shows The Rap Game He ‘Neva Left’ and Why Trump’s Twitter Attack Was All Good

Speaking on Kendrick, KRS, and "Ronald Klump."
KendrickContradiction Music

The Kendrick Contradiction

Obliterating other rappers is cool, but can he push Trump's wig back?
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Snoop Dogg Will Induct Tupac Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"California Love" in Brooklyn
snoop dogg, deray davis, lil duval star in the trailer for 'grow house' Film

Snoop’s 4/20 Flick ‘Grow House’ Looks Ridiculous—And We’ll All Go See It Anyway

What better way to spend the stoner holiday?
A$AP Rocky Big Shots! Phillip Leeds Books

Phillip Leeds Previews His Dope New Book ‘Big Shots!’

Polaroid portraits of A$AP Rocky, Snoop, Pusha T, SZA & more
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A Fox News Personality Actually Suggested Killing Snoop and Bow Wow

Whoa, not OK
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Snoop Dogg Announces New Video, New Album

Let a clown-ass president try and stop him
Snoop-Dogg-Uses-New-Video-to-Target-President-Trump News

Snoop Co-Star Michael Rapaport Responds to Trump: “He Brought All This Rough Stu...

"There are bigger fish to fry"
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Conservatives Are Bigly Pissed At Snoop For “Pretend-Killing” Their Clown Führer

Even Marco Rubio chimed in!
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Snoop Smokes Trump Lookalike In New Video

Plus clowns—lots and lots of clowns!