steve_o_breaks_legs_lead News

Watch: Steve-O Breaks Bones in Both Legs

And Tony Hawk was filming
World Freestyle Roundup Skate

2014 World Freestyle Roundup

Primo like whoa.
lil-wayne-off-the-wall-feature Off Tha' Wall

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Lil Wayne

We headed down to Miami to chop it up with Lil Wayne for a brand new Off Tha' Wall. Weezy spoke about his new shoe line, guilty pl...
jeff-king-home-skate-quarterpipe-roof Sports

Watch Pros Skate Through Jeff King’s Roof on a Quarterpipe

Jeff King turns skateboarding into an at-home activity.
natural-selection-trailer-skating-elliott-vecchia Sports

VIDEO: “Natural Selection” Skate Trailer

Skateboards don’t usually make us think of Darwinism, but this trailer for the film “Natural Selection” is packed with highly evol...
graffiti-and-skating-with-tilt-la-canvas-tv Art

VIDEO: Graffiti & Skating With Tilt in Cali

While his Toulouse, France art compatriot Ceet often deejayed on the side, Tilt spent his time away from the spray can on a skateb...
paul-rodriguez-life-2013-street-cinema-p-rod Sports

Watch Paul Rodriguez Recreate 2001’s “Street Cinema”

Whether at the theater, in music, through video games, or on your feet, modern re-releases of older hits has increasingly become a...
theotis-beasley-on-the-road-nike-sb-skate Sports

VIDEO: Theotis Beasley & Nike SB Go “On The Road”

Promising 22-year-old Nike SB skater Theotis Beasley is no stranger to travelling, having hit multiple spots on the map as part of...
don-t-make-me-do-it-mark-gonzales-short-film Art

VIDEO: “Don’t Make Me Do It!” With Mark Gonzales

Eccentric skateboarding legend Mark Gonzales is entertaining enough by himself, but throw in some brewed beverages, photographer C...
cliche-skateboards-bon-voyage Sports

VIDEO: Cliché Skateboards’ “Bon Voyage” Trailer 2

Cliché Skateboards is set to drop their next video with premiere dates due soon, so what better way to build anticipation than wit...
marc-jacobs-road-rash-skate-deck Sports

VIDEO: Marc Jacobs Road Rash Skate Deck

It’s not a six million dollar deck, but designer Mark Jacobs’ exclusive Road Rash skateboard has been reconstructed to take all th...
decio-lourenco-speedboarding-longboard-in-south-africa Sports

Watch a Guy Speedboard through Traffic at 70 MPH in South Africa

Unlike autosport hill climb challenges where you’re trying to ascend to a peak as quickly as possible, longboard skating runs work...
brave-eyeforce-tommy-carroll-blind-585x425 Sports

VIDEO: Blind Skateboarder Grinds in “Brave”

Peep blind skateboarders grind in "Brave".
ian-reid-all-together Art

Ian Reid’s “All Together” (NSFW)

What does BDSM, boobs, a live chicken, tractor trailers, and Joe Budden at a pajama jammy jam have in common with skaters Ishod We...
The Tre Truck Skate NYC Sports

The Tre Truck is Decked Out for Skateboaders

Roll up to New York's first and only mobile skate shop.
weezy fall Sports

Skate or Lie: Is Lil Wayne Really a Skateboarder?

Has rapping really taken a backseat to skating for Lil Wayne?