Shut Skateboards

The Skateboarding Globetrotter II Film

The Skateboarding Globetrotter II

Less balls, more wood.
Luis Tolentino Skate

Luis Tolentino Monthly Update May-June

The kid's got that craaaaaazy ollie.
Fernando Paz Love Art

Fernando Paz “Love” Short Film

What's luv?
Matt Willet and SHUT Skateboards made a gold plated 15,000 skateboard On The Grind

Matt Willet x SHUT $15,000 Golden Skateboard

Gold on deck.
Larry Clark and Rosario Dawson Events

Legends Never Die: A Recap of Harold Hunter’s 40th Birthday Celebration

A star-studded New York City evening.
Tampa_Pro_Live_Stream_Skate_Chronicles Events

Tampa “Bro”: A Recap of NYC’s Live Streaming of Tampa Pro 2014

A recap of the real winners.
Skaters waiting on top of indoor ramp On The Grind

How NYC Survived Skateboarding’s “Winter Blues” Episode 2

Ooh baby, we like it raw.
Jeff Pang New York City's First Sponsored Skateboarder On The Grind

Meet NYC’s First Skate Company’s First Sponsored Skater

Roots, reggae and rolling.
Feature On The Grind

Shop Check: Shut Skateboards NYC

Shut breaks down its NYC skateboard roots and the history behind their LES flagship shop down on Orchard street.
Skateboarder Park Trick Events

Bushwick Throwdown Skate Jam

New York City skate rats prepare to swarm Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn this weekend for the Bushwick Throwdown skate jam.