Shepard Fairey

StyleWars2Still6 Art

Veli & Amos Meet Henry Chalfant at NYC “Style Wars 2” Screening

When two graf docs collide... mayhem ensues!
noise-main Music

PREMIERE: Nøise “Little Lions (DJ Z-Trip Killed This Remix)”

Shepard Fairey brings the Nøise
American Civics Jim Marshall Shepard Fairey Logo Art

‘American Civics’: OBEY Reimagines Jim Marshall’s Iconic Photography

Shepard Fairey interprets five of Marshall’s key photographs
Young New Yorkers Silent Art Auction 2016 Nether Fortitude Art

Young New Yorkers 4th Annual Silent Art Auction

“The criminal justice system is actually being transformed by the kid’s creativity.”
Library Street Collective Group Show Ryan McGinness Art

Library Street Collective’s New Group Exhibition

Boasting works by Swoon, FAILE, REVOK, Ryan McGinness, and Kelsey Brookes
Painted Oceans Project Maunsell Forts Art

Painted Oceans: Tristan Eaton’s Epic All-Star Adventure Painting the Red Sand Se...

A month-long mural project with Shepard Fairey, The London Police, Futura 2000, and How & Nosm.
Source Code1 Art

Source Code: A Monster Art Show in Sicily

The massive exhibition traces contemporary urban art history from NYC trains to today, and features work from FUTURA, Todd James, ...
Earth Crisis Shepard Fairey 3 Art

Earth Crisis Globe: Shepard Fairey’s Call-to-Action Artwork at the Eiffel Tower

OBEY always fights the good fight.
Dove-progress Art

Covert to Overt: Shepard Fairey’s New Book

Get the first look inside OBEY's latest monograph.
mtn-colors-visits-shepard-fairey-montana-colors News

Shepard Fairey Arrested in Los Angeles

The street artist was nabbed on warrants issued late last month.
Shepard Fairey Detroit Warrant Art

Arrest Warrant Issued for Shepard Fairey in Detroit

OBEY faces arrest in the Motor City.
Shepard Fairey City Skyline Art

Shepard Fairey Takes Over Detroit With ‘Printed Matters’

It’s been more than a decade, but Shepard Fairey is back in Detroit.
interpol-el-pintor-shepard-fairey Art

Shepard Fairey Paints Mural Celebrating Interpol’s New Album “El Pintor”

When your favorite band's lead asks you a favor, you might find yourself painting a wall in Brooklyn.
borf-rothko-color-field-painting-castor-gallery Art

NYC’s Castor Gallery Preview Featuring Banksy, Damien Hirst, and More

All of your favorite contemporary artists in one place.
Shepard Fairey We Own The Future Mural Art

Shepard Fairey Completes New Mural for the L.I.S.A. Project

Fairey's new mural is both a political and existential rallying cry.
Roger Gastman Jonathan Levine Art

Roger Gastman and Jonathan LeVine Talk “Cruel Summer” Over Pizza

Teletubbies, 'Za, and Art.