Seth Rogen

seth_rogen_illuminati_show TV

Seth Rogen Is Making an Illuminati TV Show

But will they ever let it air?
Kanye West rapped Yeezus to Seth Rogen for Two Hours Music

Kanye West Rapped His New Album to Seth Rogen in the Back of a Van

Talk about dedication.
Bound3 Comedy

Seth Rogen and James Franco Share the Story Behind “Bound 2” Parody

"Uh-huh, honey."
Waka Flocka Drugs

Waka Flocka Hires Seth Rogen as Personal Blunt Roller

The search is over. Let the blunt rolling begin!
Korea responds to "The Interview" Film

North Korea is Pretty Pissed at James Franco and Seth Rogen

Kim Jong-un don't play that shit!
James franco seth rogen the interview october 2014 Film

Seth Rogen and James Franco Duke it Out With Kim Jong-un in “The Interview”

International Men of Hilarity
Seth Rogen Snoop Dogg GGN New Episode 2014 Drugs

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen Talk Cinema, Dabs, and Chronic on “GGN”

Never Over-Dab!
seth-rogan-tbt-thumb Print

Issue 45: Hey, You’re Cool! Seth Rogen

In celebration of the release of This Is the End on June 12th, we decided to dig up our Issue 45 interview Canadian born actor Se...
samsung-superbowl News

Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd in Samsung’s “El Plato Supreme” Ad

Often as entertaining as the game itself, commercials will be one of the attractions during Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday. Samsung ...